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Connecting with Other Writers through Twitter: How I Became a Member of #MGwaves

I spend way too much time on Twitter.

Like, way too much.

But if you’re like me and enjoy That Bird App more than you should, take heart: it can be life-changing if you utilize it to make valuable connections!

Through Twitter, I discovered the #WritingCommunity hashtag, where fellow writers ask questions, drop tips, and share ideas or thoughts about the querying trenches. I also discovered some fantastic mentorship contests like Revpit and Pitmad!

Applying to Pitmad and chatting with others on the hashtag actually helped connect me with my MG Waves group— it was a way for middle grade writers to cheer one another on and support one another leading up to the Pitmad winner announcements (and two of our group members ended up winning!). But as we all got to know one another and read each other’s work, this little community became a safe haven of creative energy and camaraderie.

My MG Waves group actually helped me polish up my first three chapters right before I submitted them to the fabulous literary agent that would soon offer on my story!

But more on that later. ;)

I highly recommend finding your writing crew. Having a team of like-minded individuals cheering you on is an incredible gift, and I truly treasure my fellow MG Waves.

So how do you make Twitter work to your advantage in seeking out beta readers/fellow writers to expand your creative network? A few ways:

- Haunt the right hashtags, like #WritingCommunity #AmWriting #Amediting #Amquerying #AskAgent and #Writerscafe. Engage meaningfully and you’d be surprised how many new connections you might make.

- Enter writing contests like Revpit, Pitmad, and AMM, and then reach out to others who are also entering their manuscripts! Nothing brings writers together quite like the overarching, collective anxiety of a good contest!

- Slide into other writers' DMs! (But like, not in a creepy way!) Sometimes an offer to swap chapters with someone who shares a similar writing style can spark up a new critique partner.

- Follow agents, editors, authors, and aspiring authors and stay engaged in publishing news. A new contest, event, or webinar could connect you to some fabulous people.

Your crew is out there! And if they’re anything like mine, they’re worth more than gold!

Writerly high fives,


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