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Mood Board: Part 2

Hope everyone is staying safe and well! Personally, I've been going a little crazy working from home, but the good news is that I've never accomplished so much yard work in my life. My lawn is mowed and my herb garden is planted, and the aromatic rosemary and basil plants are just so darn happy!

Speaking of plants, my historical speculative fiction WIP, Little Glass Jars, takes place on a sprawling orchard in southern Georgia during the early 1920s. Trees dripping with peaches, pears, cherries, and other gem-like beauties are important to the story, because the fruit is made into fabulous jam.

But the jam produced at this orchard is unlike anything you can get in a store, and buyers are willing to pay thousands of dollars -- or trade their darkest truths -- for just one jar. A tale of superhuman powers, glittering secrets, rebellious choices and dangerous moonshiners, enjoy my mood board for Little Glass Jars.

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