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Original Poem: Horizon

She had always been cursed

with impossible dreams

Always held, knife-sharp,

at the mercy of ambition

But she kept all the plans,

Quick-tapping, long-dripping,

That blazed in her mind

with the flip of a latch

And though the stones at her feet

were meant to ground her

To root

To tether

To tame her

They only left bruises she’d never feel

Because what besides herself could truly harm her

She was wild wind and climbing vines

Uncatchable stars

Undeniable color

She was lightning sprung from fingertips

She was hurricane grins on scarlet lips

And though the others called, their voices hoarse

To jeer

To insult

To save her

Their words never reached her stubborn ears

Because what could be heard over the music her soul played her

She had always been cursed

with impossible dreams

And she knew, compass-certain,

she was destined to fail

But she kept hold of her lasso

heart pounding, life-thrumming

Her eyes on the horizon

she’d never catch

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