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Original Poem: You'll See

You’ll see,

They said

When you grow up,

How dark

and cold the world is

You’ll see,

They said

When you journey out,

How lost

the average girl is

You’ll see,

They said,

You’re young and weak,

You’ll race

home seeking solace

You’ll see,

Dear child,

You don’t have it in you,

You lack

the strength, the polish

And so I grew

And so I journeyed

The whole of Earth

caught in my hair

And so I learned

And so I drifted

My pink fingertips

tracing the air

And when I did

Find my way home

Its lands

ice-burnt, surprising

It wasn’t the place

I’d left long ago

Full of

doubtful voices rising

I saw,

I said

I saw it all

And found warmth

in unexpected places

I saw,

I said,

I saw the moon

Crest on new

and loving faces

I saw,

I said,

How others knew me

Once I broke

These gilded chains


Of all

the untrue things

You cast upon

My wandering name

You lied,

I said,

About my strength

And just how

cold the world is

You’ll see,

I said,

One day, perhaps

Just how

bold my soul is

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