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Surviving November & Some Turkey Doodles

The last few months have been a whirlwind for a variety of reasons-- I finished revising my Roaring Twenties Speculative WIP and sent it off to my agent (YAY!), continued to battle this ongoing spine injury (sigh), and managed to eat several pints of cherry vanilla ice cream while I await surgery next month.

It's been a rough ride, but I'm trying to stay positive while I wait for a fixed spine and vigorous hiking trails under my feet again. Right now, I walk with a cane whenever I manage to get out to the grocery store or one of my many doctor's appointments, and even though my disability is likely temporary, it still takes quite a toll on my energy and attitude if I don't work to reframe my focus.

It's arguably one of the most gorgeous times of the year where I live, and the fall colors are breathtaking out there. So while I've been waiting for my agent's feedback, I've been cracking open the windows, toying with Procreate, and letting my brain breathe a little. Surgery is still several weeks away, so I needed to dive into something light and colorful and easy. Something that feels as vibrant as fall and as simple as fuzzy socks. Something silly.

Sometimes ya just need a creative 'reset,' ya know?

So this is what came out of me: sassy turkey doodles. I was experimenting with the different ink brushes in Procreate, and these highly stylized birdies are the result. Enjoy. :)

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