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What's the best way to cope in self-isolation? Mood boards!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Okay, I'm also singing Billy Joel lyrics to my dog and baking cookies, but mood boards help, too!

If you're like me, the state of things (see: a global pandemic) has really taken a hit on my creative energy. While I've done some writing during lockdown and I consider that a victory given my mental state, I also find myself fighting to keep the creative juices flowing.

One way I've found to reconnect to my stories? Mood boards! Something about putting together a little visual mosaic really perks me up. I've seen these all over Twitter and think they're lovely, so I created my own.

Up first, the mood board for my YA Contemporary Fantasy, currently being queried. It's part joy, part mystery, and overall, the settings are bright and intricate. I'll post my other mood board soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this visual representation of Clementine & the Clock. Stay safe!

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